Sigma IT combines close customer relations with world leading IT-services and IT-solutions for streamlining and renewing our customers’ operations. We have more than 1,300 employees all over Sweden and in seven other countries. Sigma IT is part of the privately held Sigma group, with another five companies and a total of 4,400 employees. Founded in 1986, Sigma is a strong and well established player in the global market.


Sigma India works closely with Sigma in Sweden, UK and Finland in common delivery teams. The services delivered range from large complex projects, to shorter deep technical time critical missions. From customized unique solutions to large scale implementations of EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) systems, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, ECM (Enterprise Content Management) systems, CMS (Content Management System), MDM (Master Data Management) and e-commerce solutions.


We strive for diversified teams, because we know that this way, the results will be better, and both customers and employees will be more satisfied. In order to achieve good teamwork we also make sure to remember that all team members are important, regardless of role or geography.

Frequent communication is also a key for success. We have access to all the digital tools for easily sharing tasks and to collaborate and communicate with each other. But we are convinced that personal meetings are required to meet our high standards of delivery. Therefore, team members will be offered the opportunity to periodically work together, either in Sweden, UK,  Finland or in India.

Joint work

The set-up for the joint work within Sigma is one common delivery team for each Business Unit. The team is led by a Project Manager or Service Manager, and is staffed with the competences needed according to architecture and programming skills. Each Business Unit is representing one or more offerings to the market, for one or multiple customers. The offerings will be further developed and exchanged over time all depending on customer needs and technology development.

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What we do at Sigma

Sigma IT Consulting combines close customer relations with world-leading IT-services and IT-solutions for streamlining and renewing our customers operations. Read more