About Sigma India

Sigma IT combines close customer relations with world leading IT-services and IT-solutions for streamlining and renewing our customers’ operations. We have more than 1,300 employees all over Sweden and in seven other countries.

Our office in Bengaluru enriches Sigma with a global perspective, better capacity and capabilities and puts us in an even stronger position on the market to create innovative solutions for a better tomorrow.


World Class Offerings

At Sigma we develop solutions for global clients, we do it in the world’s most rapidly changing industry, and we do it in competition with the largest companies in the world.

Our Customers

Our customers are leading in their industries and they only work with the best suppliers and partners. They have great confidence in us but also high demands and expectations.

Global Teams

In a global world we need to have the best brains and a global perspective. That is why our teams are truly international - diversity brings innovation and power.

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